Website Design and Portfolios

This section provides resources for developing an online portfolio that showcases your professional experience. While the usability page provides you with some tips on how to test your design, the principles of CRAP below can help you get started on the layout and functions of your site.

Exemplary Student Portfolios

Aalaa Abdalla, class of 2019B.S. Mechanical Engineering, TAMUQhttps://alaaabdalla.weebly.com/
Sofian Ghazali, class of 2020B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMUQhttps://sofianghazali.com/
Selman Tabet, class of 2020B.S. Computer Engineering, HBKUhttps://www.selman.io/
Hayfaa Al-Kuwari, class of 2021B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMUQhttps://hgalkuwari.weebly.com/
Jassim Al-Matwi, class of 2021B.S. Chemical Engineering, TAMUQhttps://jassimalmatwi.wixsite.com/jassimalmatwi
Van Kenneth Balaoro, class of 2021B.S. Chemical Engineering, TAMUQhttps://van012399.wixsite.com/vansportfolio
Jawaher Mashhadi, class of 2021B.S. Chemical Engineering, TAMUQhttps://jawaher-mashhadi.wixsite.com/about
Marwah Abuhandara, class of 2021B.A. English, minor in Technical Writing and Professional Design, UTAhttps://mabuhandara.weebly.com
Salma Aboelmagd, class of 2022B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMUQhttps://salmaaboelmagd.weebly.com/
Rand Alagha, class of 2022B.S. Petroleum Engineering, TAMUQhttps://randalagha.wixsite.com/eportfoliomidterm/
Hussein Aljawfi, class of 2022B.S. Mechanical Engineering, TAMUQhttps://aljawfihussein.wixsite.com/mysite
Safin Bayes, class of 2022B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, TAMUQhttps://safin985.wixsite.com/website
Adrian Gonzalez, class of 2023B.S. Nursing, UTAhttps://aadriangonzalez.wixsite.com/adrian
Serena Myoung, class of 2023B.S. Nursing, UTAhttps://serenasmyoung.wixsite.com/mysite
Heidi Perez, class of 2023B.S. Nursing, UTAhttps://hhperez0192.wixsite.com/website
Valery Stapleton, class of 2023B.S. Nursing, UTAhttps://valerystapleton.wixsite.com/portfolio