Ux and Engineering Design

Ux is short for user experience, which is the core of several interrelated approaches to solving engineering problems: human-centered design, user-centered design, and design thinking.

Questions to ask about your own process for engineering design

  • What stages of the engineering design process have you been taught?
  • Has your experience always been true to what you’ve been taught, or do you use different stages in your other courses’?
  • Are there any design stages or ideation techniques that you want more experience with?
This video explains the process of human-centered design.

Questions to ask before beginning a project, according to Khanjan Mehta from his talk at TAMUQ on 5 November 2017:

  1. Is it affordable?
  2. Is there a business model?
  3. Is it socially acceptable?
  4. Will customers use it? 
  5. Does it address a real need? 
  6. Does it meet every need? 
  7. Is it pretty?
  8. Can you compete?
  9. Who will manufacture it?
  10. Will it hurt the environment?
  11. Will it reach the people?
  12. Can YOU scale it?

Why spend time on Ux?

Current best practices call for spending about 10% of a design project’s budget on usability. On average, this will more than double a website’s desired quality metrics (yielding an improvement score of 2.6) and slightly less than double an intranet’s quality metrics. For software and physical products, the improvements are typically smaller — but still substantial — when you emphasize usability in the design process.

Nielsen Norman Group, a research and consulting firm