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Technical EditingSpring 2021 Syllabus
Fall 2020 Syllabus
Course Materials
Technical and Business WritingSpring 2019 SyllabusCourse Materials
First-Year WritingSyllabusother material
ESL Composition (multiple levels)Syllabusother material
British Literature 1700-1900Syllabus
(Twilight course)
other material
World LiteratureSyllabusother material
Community LiteracySyllabus
(First-Year Critical Thinking course)
other materials

A former student commenting on Hodges’ role at TAMUQ said, “Simply put, she is one of the best professors I ever had.”

from TAMU’s press release on the Provost Academic Professional Track award recipients
Photo of me and my Technical Writing students brainstorming the factors that make a good project on a whiteboard.

I’m honored to receive the Provost Academic Professional Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award because I have worked very hard for the past three and a half years to help our students connect their abilities as engineers with their abilities as writers. 

from TAMUQ’s press release announcing a teaching award I won
A group of 12 faculty members and 2 administrators, some sitting and some standing. I am sitting in a coral top and holding my award.
Me and the 11 other recipients of the Provost Academic Professional Track Faculty Teaching Excellence Award from Texas A&M University.

The main idea that I want students to get out of my class is for them to see writing as a discipline with a body of knowledge that they can contribute to, as a skill that they can get better at over time, and as an activity that always involves multiple choices… [Read more of my Teaching Philosophy]

What Students Say

Collection of student evaluations:

Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore.
Photo of 
Sri Mariamman Temple, Singapore by Amy Hodges

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