Best Writing

Best Writing 2014 book cover is image of a ship on water with a city in background behind fog
Best Writing 2014 cover, a picture of an Arabian dhow in front of the Doha skyline

Best Writing is an edited volume of student writing at Texas A&M University at Qatar. I have served as co-editor for the 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2018 volumes, and we are currently working on the 2019 volume, A Thousand Ways to Begin. Each edition includes technical reports, academic essays, personal narratives, and poems written by undergraduates. We also have a university-wide photography contest for the cover photo.

Best Writing 2015 book cover is black and white close up image of a handmade dhow model ship
Best Writing 2015 cover, a picture of a model Arabian dhow made by the photographer’s grandfather

We believe that “best writing” could mean many things: it could mean the best chemical engineering report written by a senior student working on an undergraduate research project with a faculty member, it could mean the best narrative essay written by a first-year student in one of the foundation ESL courses, or it could mean anything in between. We also strive to value language diversity and multiple literacies: we do not edit out ESL markers, and each edition has contained several poems in Arabic. The annual book launch parties reflect our multicultural emphasis by inviting parents and family members to join faculty, staff, and students in celebrating the achievements of the student authors.

Pictures from Best Writing launch parties

Male student, wearing a white thobe and checkered ghutra, reciting Arabic poetry