What Students Say Summer 2013

Here are teaching evaluations for an ESL course I taught at the University of Arkansas in Summer 2013. Unless otherwise noted, 7 students filled out
the evaluation form. All evaluation data and comments have been condensed but not edited or revised for this portfolio.

Overall ratings from students for ESL course
Overall ratings from students of ESL course. Course rated as Good by 4 of 7 and Excellent by 3 of 7. Instructor and instructor’s English rated as Excellent by all.

“Excellent teacher”

“When I enrolled this course, I was scary about this course’s instructor, but when I started to attend this class, I felt to be relaxed because my instructor is really nice and knowledgeable, and she clearly explains everything about the course material”

“Excellent teacher”

“she is really a nice instructor, and teaches everything clearly everything about the course”

“She is an excellent teacher.”

“she is one of the best teacher ever.”

Bar graph of teaching evaluations for Dr. Amy Hodges, Summer 2013
Teaching Evaluations for Dr. Amy Hodges, Summer 2013, Pre-University ESL. Students responded Strongly Agree and Agree to all positive statements about course and instructor.