What Students Say Fall 2014

Here are the student evaluations from the First-Year Critical Thinking course I taught at TAMUQ, Fall 2014.

Teaching evaluations graph for first year critical thinking seminar
Teaching Evaluations for First-Year Critical Thinking Seminar. All positive statements about course and instructor rated mostly Strongly Agree and Agree.

If you feel there is some way your instructor has been especially effective, please share your comments here:

“yes, she gives us motivation”

“helping us to understant what she want from us”

“She was effective in a way that she provided us with questions to think about when we had to do the first draft of the poster.”

“She was really effective in interacting, caring and responding to students requests.”

If you feel there is some way your instructor could increase teaching effectiveness, please share your comments here:

“No, she is good”

“There are definitely ways to be more effective such as to giving us ideas on how former students did their poster & will get a good start.

“Through elaborating the purpose of each assignment as some seemed meaningless to me.”

Please feel free to make any additional comments regarding this course or your instructor.

“She gives students the liberty to do things in their own way”

“I like the course and the instructor.”

“Loved this course & its instructure. Mrs. Amy was always there to assist and the course for me gave me an unforgettable experience!”