Twilight writing assignment guidelines

Online writing assignment for Twilight course

You are a respected writer for an online popular culture magazine, and your editor slides a printout of an article on Breaking Dawn across your desk. She asks you to write an opinion column evaluating and responding to the article. Your office mate reminds you that the online magazine’s audience will probably be familiar with the book and the movie, and they’ll be most interested in hearing what you think about the issues raised by the series.

To complete this project, first choose an article from the ones listed on Blackboard that you want to evaluate and respond to. You may use another critic’s review of Breaking Dawn that you find online, as long as you clear it with me first. Read the article carefully and write 2 ½-4 pages evaluating the critic’s opinion and using evidence and reasoning to support your stance on the critic’s opinion. Remember that you’re not writing a traditional academic paper, so you need to think about how you’re going to grab your audience’s attention and how you’re going to make your stance clear to them. You may use more than one source, but remember to link to all of your sources, give credit to them for their ideas, and quote them accurately. You will be graded upon your ability to evaluate the validity of your source’s arguments critically and to persuade your audience that your stance is reasonable.