Technical and Professional Communication

My first area of research focus is the field of international technical communication, where I analyze how workers communicate in multicultural, multilingual, and transnational workplaces. Specifically, I focus on the diverse workplaces in the Arabian Gulf, where it is common to use multiple languages and dialects in order to accomplish work goals. With a team of undergraduate researchers, I am starting a new study to understand language diversity in the changing landscape of physical and virtual workplaces in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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Hodges, A., and Seawright, L. (2019). Writing in transnational workplaces: Teaching strategies for multilingual engineers. IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, 62(3). 

This IEEE teaching case article examines interview data from 10 working engineers and 17 engineering students in Doha, Qatar. My co-author and I argue that technical communication instructors should emphasize the strengths of multilingual writers, particularly their sense of language difference and abilities of rhetorical attunement, to better prepare them for the transition to the transnational workplace.

Abdalla, A., Zaidi, M.J., Reghunath, R., and Hodges, A. (2019). Technical Communication in Transnational Contexts: A Study of Engineering Professionals in Qatar. Proceedings from IEEE Professional Communication Society.

This is a work-in-progress paper detailing the survey instrument I developed with three undergraduates to continue studying the literacy practices of professional engineers in Qatar. We have received IRB approval, have started to collect data, and plan to publish the results in 2021.