Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

As documented in the teaching section of my portfolio, I think a lot about practical applications of my research findings in my classes. I also enjoy working with my colleagues across the disciplines to make connections between the teaching and learning in our courses. In the past few years, I’ve also started to involve undergraduates in these research projects, as they provide such an important perspective on how students learn.

Me standing in front of desks in a classroom and students laughing at what is probably not a very funny joke.


Ghazali, S., Abdalla, H., Kamil, M.Z., Kakosimos, K., and Hodges, A. (2020). Development of an Educational Mixed Reality Game on Water Desalination Plants. Proceedings from IEEE Frontiers in Education Conference. Retrieved from

This is a work-in-progress paper describing how my chemical engineering colleague and I worked with a team of undergraduates to create a mixed reality game based on a water desalination plant. I enjoyed working with them on a way to measure the impact of the game on higher-order learning, and we are currently collecting data on users in chemical engineering plant design courses. You can watch two of the students present about the game here.

Abdalla, A., Zaidi, M.J., Reghunath, R., and Hodges, A. (2019). How to approach learning: Engineering students’ perceptions of project-based learning at an international branch campus in the Middle East. Proceedings from ASEE 2019: American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition.

In this undergraduate research project, I trained three students to analyze focus group data on TAMUQ students’ experiences with projects. This information was used to inform new faculty development programming around project-based learning.

Al-Sheeb, M. and Hodges, A. (2019). The impact of socio-cultural factors in Qatar on females in engineering.Proceedings from ASEE 2019: American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition.

I worked with another undergraduate student to examine the experiences of female engineers in Qatar. We conclude with some suggestions for practices in engineering education that could potentially improve retention of Arab females in the field.

Hodges, A. and Al-Hamidi, Y. (2018). Improving Students’ Writing Skills by Integrating Prototyping Activities in Their Writing Course. Proceedings from ASEE 2018: American Society for Engineering Education Annual Conference and Exposition.

This paper reports on a collaboration I did with a mechanical engineer who also ran the Engineering Enrichment Program at TAMUQ. It documents how I redesigned my technical and business writing course by integrating prototyping, collaboration, and entrepreneurship skills. My technical writing webpage has more current assignments and resources.