What Students Say Summer 2015

Here are a graph of student feedback and all of the written comments from my ESL writing course class at Singapore University of Technology and Design in summer 2015.

Graph of teaching evaluations summer 2015 pre-university ESL writing
Teaching Evaluations Summer 2015, pre-university ESL writing. Students responded mostly Strongly Agree and Agree to positive statements about teacher and course.

“Dr. Amy is quite experienced and capable of handling all kinds of writing. She is very responsible and every time she will talk with me about my writing and how to improve it.”

“Amy spent lots of time discussing our writing and giving advice individually, which is very good for me. She is also a very passionate teacher and encouraged us a lot during the process. Thank her for her time and effort.”

“Dr. Amy is very enthusiastic and easygoing. She really gives me some good advice when writing a paper. Sincere thanks!”

“I love the chatting style of the class. Thx anyway.”

“She helps me a lot in the course and I think that her accessibility is one of the advantage. She is also very knowledgeable about writing, and helps me understand things I normally don’t understand.”

“I like your humorousness and patience, also your passion! Really appreciate your help engaged in this course.”

“She is helpful and very detailed with her teaching. She is very encouraging and she makes me feel that I’m doing well. In other words, she boost confidence to her students when it comes to writing. She inspire students to come up with our own ideas/arguments and will guide us through our struggles when writing.”

“You are not a teacher but a inspiring friend. You can give your comments to let me know what I am lack of and what I should improve. Thanks.”