What Students Say, Spring 2017

Here is anonymous feedback I received from students at midterm of a section of Composition and Rhetoric in Spring 2017. I analyzed the data and reflected upon my teaching practice. I also wrote the students a memo reporting on the major findings of that analysis and on the improvements I sought to make in the remaining half of the semester.

Teaching Strategies Students Liked

heart in a speech bubble

Drafts and Feedback

  1. I like the fact of submitting writing drafts and developing them each time using the feedback.
  2. Constructive, comprehensive feedback.
  3. I really liked that you sit with us and discuss how can we improve our writings.
  4. Her responses to our writing is really helpful and put us on a right path.
  5. I like that you give us estimated grades for each draft.
  6. I like how there are no due dates for the drafts.
  7. I liked how we weren’t pressured with the class. It made us enjoy writing the pieces. I really like how there was no deadline for the pieces, but for those who wanted estimated grades would give their drafts.
  8. One thing we should keep doing is the peer review because it gives you a better understanding of the assignment and it helps clear up any misunderstandings about the task.

In-Class Activities and Choices

  1. Daily discussions.
  2. We start working in class by something interesting.
  3. Feeling free to share thoughts and the true opinion about certain things.
  4. I like how we always have a choice on what to do.
  5. I love the class structure. I thought 75 minutes would be too much for a class, but I enjoy every minute. Also when I get feedback about my essay, it is always productive and very helpful.
  6. I like the open air in class discussion and that most of our ideas are valid.
  7. What I like about this class is that its interactive.
  8. I like that you are trying, to let us choose our own way of writing (topics), and you are giving us the writer the freedom to experiment deeply into the pieces without having to follow a certain rule.

Content Knowledge

  1. I love how you have gone through the process of completing the portfolios with us. It
    gave us more confidence to step up and talk to you about we are struggling in because
    we know that you might have had similar issues.
  2. I wish continue valuing the content more than grammar.

Teaching Strategies Students Didn’t Like

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Reading Material

  1. Long readings (solution: shorter readings)
  2. Reading the WAW was not very helpful but when they are discussed in class it helps a lot.
  3. A lot of readings.
  4. Sometimes having more than 10 pages to read for class.

Amount of Work

  1. I feel like we have too many assignments and I barely find time to do it.
  2. Give us more time. 🙂
  3. Extend the portfolio deadline.

In-Class Activities

  1. The class is too quiet sometimes.

General Satisfaction

  1. I cannot think of a single bad day I had in this class.
  2. I honestly can’t think of anything to write.