Theme (Spring 2020)

Your goal this semester is to develop a prototype of a mobile application that would solve a problem for users and contribute towards making Doha into a smart city. You should consider cybersecurity, business opportunities, and user needs while developing your prototype.

“Smart Cities emerge as a framework response to the complexities of an urbanizing world in the digital era. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2040, 65% of the world’s population will be already living in cities. This is building a scenario where cities are gaining an important role as drivers of the global economy and wealth, along with their substantial position as urban services providers to serve the needs of urban dwellers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure their efficiency, sustainability and quality of life through their infrastructures, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), buildings, resources, natural environment, transportation systems and services. In other words, innovative and transformative urban initiatives in cities aim to boost economic development, social cohesion, participation, city administration and infrastructure management, reshaping the way cities are managed in a smarter way.”

Smart City Expo Doha 2019

Core Sectors and Basic Elements of a Smart City. Image obtained from the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology report on Sustainable Smart Cities (linked above).
Server Room in Lusail City. Image obtained from Lusail City website.