Team Contracts

While conflict is inevitable, teams can do their best to set clear expectations about potential sources of problems. Here are some questions to get you thinking about agreements your team will document in your team contract.

Overall Team Goals

What constitutes a “successful project” for each group member, and do those goals align? Are there any specific, measurable goals that the team wants to aim for (besides an A in the course)? 

Individual Learning Goals

What do you want to be better at by the end of this project? (This can be writing- or presenting- or engineering- or project management-related.) What have you not had a chance to do previously but would like to do this semester? What can your team do to support these goals? 

Communication Strategies

How will the team contact one another? How will the team share files or information? How will the team document and archive group work? What guidelines could the team have for taking turns in conversation, for listening to others’ ideas, for addressing each other respectfully?

Conflict Resolution

How will the team resolve disagreements? What kinds of teamwork problems have occurred in the past, and how did team members handle them? Did that work or not? What could the team do to prevent common problems (slackers, dictators, martyrs, etc.)? What problems should the team bring to the professor? What kinds of problems will the team handle itself? 

This video talks about the different kinds of emotional intelligence and the impact it can have on teamwork.